Music for Flute

A Dry Weather Legend

fl. solo & orch

Robert Russell Bennett

From Knoxville Symphony Orchestra program notes, Tuesday, February 18, 1947: "Mr. Bennett’s composition 'A Dry Weather Legend', for flute and orchestra, was written especially for and dedicated to his close friend and
colleague Lamar Stringfield, our conductor, who performs the flute solo part in this world premiere performance." The piece is based on the “water-well” version of “The Tar Baby”, a West Virginia folk legend.
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Two Pieces for Flute and Piano

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

A particularly fruitful period in Paris in 1928 included two pieces for flute and piano, the Nocturne and Dance, which Bennett later referred to together as Two Pieces. The “Nocturne” and “Dance” were written sequentially, but apparently as two separate pieces, during the fruitful summer of 1928, while Bennett was living in Paris (Fontainebleau) with his wife Louise and daughter Jean, continuing his private studies with Boulanger. Bennett and flutist Quinto Maganini together gave a private premiere for friends soon thereafter, quite likely at Boulanger’s house.$32.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Five Improvisations on Exotic Scales

fl., vc., pf.

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

Composed for the Sagul Trio, which premiered music by several mid-20th century composers. It was played by them on 14 February 1947 at Town Hall, New York City, as part of radio station WNYC’s American Music Festival. The use of unusual scales was probably rooted in Bennett’s study of the Greek modes with Nadia Boulanger twenty years earlier. Each movement is preceded by an intonation or statement of its “exotic” scale.$44.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Seven Postcards to Old Friends

fl., va., pf.

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

Bennett writes little thank-you notes to the best and brightest of the musical scene - Irving Berlin, Vincent Youmans, Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, Noel Coward, George Gershwin, and Jerome Kern. Each composer's style peeks through in Bennett's impressions.$35.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Six Souvenirs

fl. 1 & 2, pf.

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

For the flute talents of John Wummer and Mildred Hunt Wummer, Bennett composed a set of six descriptive movements, each an homage to friends integral to the American flute scene of the day. Certainly, the names George Barrere, William Kincaid, and Verne Powell are well-known, but to Bennett they were richly colorful friends.$44.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Flute Sonata

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

A 70th birthday present for his wife Janet, Somers' Flute Sonata is a three-movement work in A-B-A fashion. The second movement, originally scored for bass flute, was recast for C flute to retain cohesion of the Sonata as a whole. (The middle movement has also been extracted as a solo for bass flute and piano, Dark Lake - 494-03140.) The finale ("allegro energetico") is a dynamic and punchy romp to a satisfying conclusion. It was premiered by Janet and pianist Michiko Otaki at a party celebrating Jan's and Paul's 70th birthdays.$30.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Dark Lake

bass fl., pf.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

Dark Lake, the second movement of Somers' Flute Sonata, is here available in its original scoring for
bass flute and piano. The composition of this tone poem was inspired in part by a passage from Ralph Waldo Emerson's May-Day. "…the pent and darkened lake, Cooled by the pendent mountain's shade, Whose deeps, till beams of noonday break, Afflicted moan, and latest hold Even into May the iceberg cold… "
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New Jersey Campmeeting: A Bloomfield Sabbath

fl./pic., pf.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

Somers has crafted this work with inspiration from two 19th century composers with New Jersey connections. The familiar hymn tunes of William Bradbury, often sung at camp meetings, can be heard above a “sound wash” not unlike that used by Charles Ives. Bradbury is buried in Bloomfield while Ives was an organist in Bloomfield Presbyterian Church. The work was written for and premiered by the composer's wife, flutist Jan Somers.$26.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

An Arch of Miniatures

fl., b♭cl., pf.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

The first and fifth movements use the same melodic material, but with very different speeds and rhythms. The second and fourth movements also use their own set of like material, first appearing as a horizontal two part invention like a conversation for the woodwinds, and then stacked in vertical harmonies as a piano solo. In the third movement, the keystone of the arch, the challenge was to compose a single-line work with no harmony stated, only perhaps implied. Thus the variety is gained by changing the colorations and registers within a single long line. The motivic material is drawn from within the other movements.$43.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.