Music for Solo Piano – Concert

River Countries, vol. 1. Down Jersey Scenes.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

Down Jersey is that part of Southern New Jersey in which the watershed drains into Delaware Bay, not the Delaware River or the Atlantic Ocean. Vast marshes, meandering rivers, and small towns are found here. The half dozen images were commissioned by pianist Michiko Otaki, who then toured the suite through the American south and mid-west.$37.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

River Countries, vol. 2. Maurice River Pictures.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

The Maurice River is fed by drainage from the famous New Jersey Pine Barrens, is dammed to create Union Lake in Millville, and then ambles southward, gaining in size, to empty into the marshes of the Delaware Bay. Of its 50 miles, the lowest 10 are a navigable estuary. Somers was inspired to compose these six pieces, commissioned by pianist Ron Levy, which depict both the small town life of Down Jersey and the natural wonders of the river's variety.$37.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

River Countries, vol. 3. East Haven Spirits.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

Commissioned by Hagaman Memorial Library and premiered by Ron Levy to
celebrate the 100th anniversary of the East Haven, Connecticut library, East Haven Spirits explores the town and its surroundings through the Dewey Decimal System. Images depicted include a local iron foundry, its colonial period church, "Fog on the Sound," its trolley museum, and the ghosts of a Revolutionary War fort.
$37.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.