Music for Vocal Solo

Four Teasdale Songs

for soprano & piano

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

“The Tune”, “I Could Snatch a Day”, “On the South Downs”, “An End” Bennett’s settings were premiered as part of a 1 March 1931 New York concert of music by six Americans sponsored by the League of Composers. Radiana Pazmor, a singer who was becoming well-known as a proponent of new music, took on the four songs. She was, not surprisingly, accompanied at the piano by the composer. $20.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Three Chaucer Songs

for soprano & string quartet

Robert Russell Bennett (composer)

For the music director of His Majesty's Theatre in London, Bennett chose to set the three poems of "Merciless Beauty," ascribed to Geoffrey Chaucer, the "Father of English Literature" of "Canterbury Tales" fame. Bennett intended the work "for women's voice or voices" with string quartet. Bennett concurrently prepared a voice and piano version.$25.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Seven Art Songs for low, medium, and high voices and piano.

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

High voice. 1. Setting of a wintry text from Benet's John Brown's Body. 2-4. Three dramatic Christmas poems by Penny Harter. Low voice. 5. A setting of Isaiah IX:2. The People Who Walked in Darkness. Medium voice. Two poems by P. M. S. 6. Postcard. Santa Fe, New Mexico, captured in an old door. 7. Benediction. A farewell to Comet Hayakutake.$22.50Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.