Music for Vocal Ensemble

Come Dance and Sing Around the Ring.

Philip R. Dietterich (composer)

A 19th century Shaker song is set in a skipping 6/8 setting. The opening verse is sung in unison voices, after which the SATB chorus exhorts us to celebrate life, love, and communion. Come Dance and Sing may be performed with or without piano accompaniment.$2.25Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Duh Blin' Man.

Philip R. Dietterich (composer)

This spiritual, which begins over a repeated "have mercy, my Lord" in the low voices, features realized dialect and pronunciation. A two-minute expression of jubilation, Duh Blin' Man is suitable for concert choir or as a song of praise.$2.25Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Joyful Saints of God.

Philip R. Dietterich (composer)

Joyful Saints of God is an earnest song of praise taken from a Shaker Heavenly March, built around the verse “Around the throne of God we spy beams of endless glory. We'll bow our faces and we'll cry, holy, holy, holy.” Dietterich suggests that the chorus should march while singing, as the Shakers may have done.$2.25Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Winter Song.

Philip R. Dietterich (composer)

Using a Shaker text, Dietterich infuses the cold blast of winds throughout his choral setting for unaccompanied choir. The soprano lines (with frequent divisi) soar above the other supporting voices, adding an airy effect. Piano part is included for rehearsals$1.95Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.

Noe! Pastores, Cantate Domino.

SSTT; AABB; SATB; org.; hand bells

Paul Mack Somers (composer)

Three antiphonal choirs: SSTT; AABB; SATB; Organ, Hand Bells, Conductor Garyth Nair (1943-2013) sent me Noe! Pastores by Guillaume Bouzignac (c. 1587 – c. 1643) and asked me if I would compose a new setting of the text. As I composed the music during that summer, mostly sitting under our big beach umbrella on the 58th Street beach of Ocean City, NJ, I heard the piece emerging from the various locations within the church. I included hand bells for their mellow, yet percussive, effect. Orchestral chimes work, too.$8.00Click Here For More Details Or To Purchase.